A Sr. Secondary School (Junior College) of Science, Arts & Commerce run by Steps Education Society, Krishnai

From the Desk of the Principal

First of all, I am very glad to let you know that I feel myself as the luckiest one to be a part the “STEPS ACADEMY KRISHNAI” a Sr. Secondary School of Science, Arts & Commerce run by the "Steps Education Society", Krishnai. It is also a good news for the people of Krishnai that it is the first sr. secondary school established at Krishnai with Science & Commerce Streams. At present, it is seemed to be a “Sapling” which is planted by some young and very laborious youth. Now it is also your (the entire people of Krishnai)responsibility to look after it and make it a full-grown tree. Being a principal, I have been bestowed upon a very hard task and responsibility to uplift this institution to its zenith and therefore I take an oath to try my utmost best to make it a successful one and fulfill its dream. I assure that this education group provides students with a wide array of learning abilities, an environment where they can learn. Infine, I wish a very bright and prosperous future of “STEPS ACADEMY KRISHNAI”.

Mr. Rokibul Islam, M.Sc., B.Ed., ADCA

From the Desk of the Secretary

I on behalf of the entire STEPS ACADEMY KRISHNAI management & faculty members welcome you to the official website of STEPS ACADEMY KRISHNAI. In our institution, we try our level best to provide the best quality education possible in this part of the state of Assam .As a result of this quality, students not only from Goalpara, but also from every nook and corner of North-East and beyond flock to this institution. Through our continuous endeavors ensuring quality education, we are able to instil in the students a great zeal for success, positive attitudes and a great deal of love for the nation and state. Today I am proud to be the manager of this institution which has carved a niche of its own in providing quality education. It ensures that no student goes to any private tuition. It takes utmost care that students are not trapped in drug abuse, alcohol etc. Much emphasis is laid on physical exercise by virtue of games & sports. Scholarships are provided to the students who are meritorious but financially needy. All these clubbed with devoted efforts of our teachers & staffs are ensuring the quality. I wish this institution a Great success in the years to come.

Mr. Samnur Islam, M.Tech.(CIMA), B.Tech.(Mechanical), PGDCA

Message from the Chief Advisor

Steps Academy Krishnai provides opportunity to each student to progress and experience success. We follow a collaborative approach where the collgee, parents and teachers form a partnership and support each other through the students' journey in college. Due to rapid development of technology our teachers are trained to provide technology supported learning opportunities to the students through digital classes too apart from the regular classes. We are proud of the fact that the teachers here, have been empowered and better equipped to engage the attention of the students and create more effective learning environment. Every new process that is started in college is measured and its outcome is analysed. Being a part of the institute I would like to share you all that the institute has a nice intiative of regular FREE medical check-up for the students to monitor the health of the students and the career conselling classes for the students is very essential in this competitive world now a days. And finally I wish a bright future and all success of the institute.

Mr. Sofiqul Islam, B.Tech.(IT)

Message from the Manager

I am privileged and proud to be part of STEPS ACADEMY KRISHNAI. As a Manager of this institute, I render my support and guidance to the teachers, in their career and professional development. Our main focus is to provide the best education and to prepare the students for their rewarding careers. Today we are living in a fast changing complex society, which presents before us challenges as well as opportunities. In this context it all depends on every individuals how one responds to the situation with the right mindset. I remember the words of Benjamin Disraeli, " Nurture your mind with great thoughts, to be better human persons, to build a better society". I firmly believe that every human being endowed with various talents and skills is a precious gift of God. The institute is blessed with highly qualified and trained band of faculties who come with experience in the particular field. At the very last, we assure you of our best attention and care for the students to achieve their goal.

Mr. Jiaul Hoque, M.Sc., B.Ed., ADCA

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